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In need of effective small business internet solutions?

Staying connected in today’s fast-paced world is vital. Even more so when your business growth is on the line.


Having a fast, reliable network connection will guarantee that you and your team will be able to work productively and avoid any unnecessary setbacks.


What better way to do this, than through contracting the right internet plan for your particular business needs on our Wiresurfer platform, where you can find a wide variety of top U.S. carrier plans.

Small Business Internet Solutions

Why contract our efficient internet service for business?

Don’t try to get by with residential internet service when you truly need a reliable and experienced small business Internet provider with the tech support you demand.


Whether you’re searching for small business Internet solutions or larger ones offered by t-1 carriers, we’ve got you covered.


We get you offers by the best internet providers in the nation, designed for companies of varying sizes. Whether you’ve got a startup just getting off the ground or an existing small to mid-sized business, our top carriers understand the costs of downtime.


Even if you have rigorous data needs, with Wiresurfer you can easily search for small business Internet solutions that will make sure to provide you with the technology your business needs to serve your customers and grow.


Don’t underbuy and don’t overpay, we’ll help you find the plan that adequately adjusts to your business needs.


Read more on how to know if business level broadband is available in your area on our blog entries here.

Small Business Internet Solutions

Drive business growth with top small business phone services

Get the best out of your business with our agile VoIP solutions

With many businesses functioning remotely, keeping employees connected can be a challenge. Cloud based Voice over IP service is your solution. This multi-function, powerful business tool comes at a lower cost than other phone services and it’s packed with additional features!


Each telecom company’s offer can vary, so it’s important to understand your business phone service needs in order to choose the right option.


Advanced Call Management, for example, is one thing you want to make sure your VoIP has. It helps you prioritize, hold, route, and even block incoming calls. This not only eases front desk operations, but can help reduce customer frustration.


Call Routing is another feature to make sure you have. It is what directs your incoming calls. You can organize it by employee, customer type, staff availability and much more.

best internet provider

Choosing the right features will depend on your business

Read more on other VoIP features you need to know about and how they can benefit your particular business requirements here.


With such a great variety of VoIP offers from phone companies out there, understanding phone systems and their features will help drive your business to increased success.


Need help finding your best VoIP solution? We’ll be glad to help! Just click here and one of our Wiresurfer expert agents will begin working on your request.

best internet provider


Bundle means low prices on your bill, since purchasing services separately generates a higher cost. Here you have access to all the best business Internet and phone best packages on the market.

You can get all the features your business requires – all in one place!. And since small and medium businesses have different needs, don’t add services that don’t cover your needs; let our expert help you find the right bundle.

Compare various options offered by carries: Fiber Internet in Frontier bundles or Verizon bundles deals starting at $79/month. Explore various features with Wiresurfer.

Choose Your Surfboard! Daily Updated Telecom Business Deals

Keeping your business connected from any location in the country is simple with us. Browse over all our surfboard options with a wide array of broadband, internet speed tiers and VoIP offers for small to mid-sized businesses at the best prices in the market. Get the best phone and internet bundles in your area at the right price.

Smoothly ride the connectivity wave with your own custom-made surfboard!

Our customers save an average of 35% on their telecom bill.

FAQs - All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Telecom Services

We know telecommunication jargon and technical terms can be confusing at times. For this reason, we’ve included a practical FAQ section that will help you solve doubts and confusion about phone and internet services. Find easy-to-understand answers to commonly asked questions about telecom industry topics.


If you’re wondering what the best internet service for business is or if you have other telecom-related doubts, take a look at our full list of FAQs here.

The United States ranks #1 in the world with 7,000 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) according to the CIA.

According to HighSpeedInternet.com, Google Fiber, Xfinity, and Verizon are ranked as the top fast internet providers in 2021.

According to web.stanford.edu, mostlarge communications companies manage their connectivity through several high-level networks that connect to each other through Network Access Points (NAPs), and don’t require an overall controlling network.